Play Thing or Reading Light? Perhaps Both!

I’m not a scientist and I don’t understand how kinetic energy works let alone how it might harness energy inside a soccer ball.  But just because I don’t understand the science behind it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate its brilliance:   A soccer ball that generates electricity.   

Picture this:  many villages in Africa and in rural South America are ‘off the grid’.  That means they have no connection to the electrical grid therefore no electricity.  So, when the sun goes down it’s just dark.  Many families turn to kerosene lamps or generators for evening light but both of those options come with respiratory health and safety issues. 

 So, enter the Soccket soccer ball created by Uncharted Play.    Children play with the Soccket soccer ball during the day while a cool device inside the ball captures the kinetic energy created through the movement of the ball.  A handy outlet built into the ball allows for a reading lamp to be plugged in and access that stored kinetic energy and voila:  Light!    30 minutes of soccer play can power a simple LED lamp for 3 hours.   What this means in practical terms is that children’s play during the day can power their reading and homework after the sun has set.   Free, clean electricity powered by play.


Well done Uncharted Play – You’re doing your bit to contribute to SDG #7:  Affordable & Clean Energy. sdg-7         Cool AND Inspiring.


2 thoughts on “Play Thing or Reading Light? Perhaps Both!

  1. togetoutside

    Ingenious! I love this kind of problem solving. I thought the fist banner photo on the blog, the one with the rising sun really was a good fit to your blog topic. I loved how when you scrolled down you would see the sun come up. It had such an a optimistic feel! Why did you change it?


    1. inspiredideas2changetheworld

      Hi there,
      thanks for visiting my blog. I really loved that banner picture too (didn’t really like the big black block with the title, but liked the picture behind it). I changed themes so that I could have my blog posts appear as excerpts with their own banner photos which my original theme didn’t allow. I liked the idea of having brief excerpts for each post that someone could click through to read more. maybe I can figure out how to use that original banner photo with this new theme. thanks for the feedback.

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