Power to the Women and Girls

Why Women & Girls Make the World Go ’round:

1)      If all women had equal access to productive resources, up to 150 million fewer people would go hungry every day.

2)      When more women work, economies grow.

3)      When women earn higher wages, their social and economic well-being improves.  This means better education, better nutrition, better health for their families and communities

4)      Women commit 90% of their incomes to their families;

5)      When governments, businesses and communities invest in women, developing countries are less likely to be plagued by poverty.

No wonder so many people and organizations are focused on investing and empowering women – women make the world go ‘round.  (Sorry guys, it’s just the truth).

Take a second to click through on the links below to see how some of the world’s most vulnerable women are being supported so they can become independent, strong and free and indeed go on to change the world!

1)   boxgirl_3   We all say that education is a universal right, but when girls don’t feel safe at school they tend not to go.   Boxgirls believes that strong girls make for safer communities and they use boxing for social change.  They teach boxing to girls in South Africa, Nairobi and Berlin so they feel strong and confident so they can go to school and get the education they deserve.

2)      Sari Bari helps women in Kolkata India who have been trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade or are vulnerable to being drawn into it. They are trained as artisans and taught how to transform used saris into beautiful handmade products like blankets, bags, purses, scarves, ties.  As they create beautiful handcrafted items they create new lives for themselves and find the courage to speak up for freedom for other women.

3)       Project Shakti operated by Hindustan Lever in India.  (Full disclosure – I do work for Unilever and I think they are an awesome company).  Project Shakti trains women to be micro-entrepreneurs selling Unilever products door to door in their communities.  They learn book-keeping, selling, basic IT and business skills.  As micro-entrepreneurs many of these women double their household income becoming self-sufficient and empowered by their new skills.

4)      Solar Sister – another organization that has recognized the potential of women as micro-entrepreneurs.  Solar Sister teaches women the skills and knowledge to distribute clean energy technology such as solar lights, solar mobile phone chargers and clean cook stoves to households across rural Africa that do not have a reliable source of electricity.  The income the women earn from their business allows them to pay their children’s school fees and they act as mentors to other women and girls in their communities.     sdg-5-pic

Sustainable Development Goal #5 is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.  I refer you back to the beginning of this post for why this is so important.   Yes indeed, women and girls do rock!

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